Why a professional baby shoot is necessary? 

The first one year is where a photo shoot is necessary for a baby because we all know babies grow up in a blink of an eye. They even grow up before we finish changing up their diapers 🙂 Also in the first one year is where their facial features gets changing.

A photo shoot may not be a concern for today but imagine after 20-25 years it would be a memory to cherish for them. Aren’t we all still excited to see the photos of ours when we were little? It would be the same excitement for your babies when they grow up.

Why shooting in mobile phones may not help?

To the people who think they are good enough with the photos taken in mobile phone, it is a big no to them! With technology growing rapidly every day, the photo taken today with a full frame DSLR may not be in par with the next generation.

In future the world will have better cameras and better clarity photos, after 25 years imagine a photo of your baby taken with a mobile would do any good? Never. It would be similar to the damaged black and white photos what we are seeing today. We can understand few of the moments happen at home and you may not have a photographer all the time so mobile phones would be the only option. One more drawback is we cannot print an image to larger sizes if it is taken in a mobile phone. The reason is explained in another blog of ours here

So don’t disappoint your kid with low clarity image to show them when they are grown up 🙂 Who knows the cute and chubby photos of them can be a pick up line when they are at high school (nope we are just kidding :p) Scroll down for some cute baby pictures from us 🙂


Baby smiling photo

Baby lying down with eyes closed

Baby lying with wrap

Baby sitting and smiling.

Baby sitting and smiling. Collage of baby photos. Baby sitting and smiling

Baby lying down with eyes closed

Baby sitting and smiling.

Baby sitting and smiling.

Baby sitting and smiling.

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