We all know Bangalore is beautiful place and it is photographers’ paradise when it comes for photo shoots with trees all around and natural lakes. But, because of the civilization it is hard to find places within Bangalore nowadays for pre- wedding or post-wedding shoots. Even though we have got so many resorts inside the city with beautiful landscapes but it comes with a hefty price tag called location charges. So we AK Smoke Films thought we will travel towards kanakapura to shoot a beautiful couple for their post wedding keeping all the resorts aside. To our surprise we could find all beautiful landscapes in Kanakapura road only which is less than 40 kms from Bangalore. Have look at below pictures for what Kanakapura road has got to offer us for the pre/post wedding photo shoots 

3 thoughts on “Pre wedding / Post wedding shoot at Kanakapura road Bangalore

  1. Thanks for the awesome pics.. Ak bro is too patience, friendly and talented.. keep up the great work bro..magical clicks and works…..😁😁

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