Testimonial 9

A click can do wonders!!! They have loads of creativity when it comes to work. And these guys are PRO in what they do!!! Staggering work, keep clicking!!!!



Testimonial 8

Detailed shots and pakka professionalism !! Photos which they took are to be cherished for a lifetime .keep going guys



Testimonial 7

The colour tone is what makes your photography better than most. The angles and stills also a touch class. Keep up the good work Äk Smoke Films



Testimonial 6

Every fantastic moment will be evergreen only in Photos.. it is possible with these guys.. keep up the fabulous work.



Testimonial 5

Best quality & user friendly photographers. Will give more than what u expect



Testimonial 4

The photographer is patient and wonderful . Captures all the nice moments . Throughly enjoyed his work. Especially loved the Mannequin challenge. Will definitely recommend to anyone who wants good pictures. Keep up the good work.



Testimonial 3

It was an incredible experience working with AK Smoke films.Each one of u in the team had so much of enthu, which made us enjoy our engagement,
pre-wedding, reception and marriage photo shoot. I would shout out without a second thought that you guys are “THE BEST” in the Industry .

Your team’s enthusiasm; commitment and quality rocked and it needs a big thumbs up!!!!!

Ps: these 5 stars are definitely not enough for the smiles that you guys have spread and the satisfaction you have given through your photography!

Thank you so much AK!!!



Testimonial 2

What more can I say when their photography speaks a million words…. a calm and composed photographer with immense patience and the perfect acumen for this profession… the experience of photo shoot has been the most memorable one, absolutely enjoyed it. His passion and dedication towards this will take him a long way… wishing you all the success #AKSmokeFilms

-Aishwarya Arunachalam

Aishwarya Arunachalam

Testimonial 1

Among millions of newsfeed that scroll in the fb home page, AK smoke films was one too. Coincidentally I was looking for a photographer who would capture memories in my wedding. A fleeting glance at AK smoke films page was enough to convince me and Sruthi that they know what they do behind the camera. All we did was a phone confirmation. A cup of coffee a day prior to the wedding transformed our relationship. When Arun and his team walked into wedding, they walked in as our friends than professionals. There wasn’t a single moment that went uncaptured. Even when Sruthi was cribbing about late hours and sleep deprivation, AK team was sweet and patient enough to make her and I pose and take photos until 2 in the night. If this wasn’t fun enough, our meals together both the days were even more fun. They were part of our friends gang. They were part of our family. They were part of every celebration. Right from suggesting mannequin challenge to immediate video displays, they totally nailed it. Next to bride and the groom, the trending news in our wedding was AK team’s work. Guests adored them. Family loved them. Sruthi and I owe our best moments to them. AK smoke films would be our family photographer. Love you guys 

 – Sruthi and Vasanth